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The origins of Taft Group traces back its roots in the field of international trade, where its founders gained valuable experience over the years. The business initially began as a department within its parent company in 1984, specializing in international trade. As it expanded its expertise and built a robust network of contacts, it evolved into a separate entity in 2005.

Almost 40 years of experience in international trade, we position itself as a seasoned player in diverse markets. Leveraging its wealth of knowledge and established connections, we aim to bring significant value to our clients' businesses. Beyond its trading activities, Taft functions as a holding company, holding equity positions in various ventures.

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Taft Investment Group: Pioneering Growth, Innovation, and Sustainable Success in Every Venture

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Explore a world of possibilities with our exceptional brands, where quality meets vision, and success is a shared journey.

At Taft Investment Group, we take pride in our diverse portfolio of brands, each carefully curated and strategically positioned to thrive in today's dynamic markets. Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainable growth underscores every investment decision we make.

Empowering Partnerships, Inspiring Innovation, and Shaping the Future Together

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Taft Group has one of the world’s largest and most experienced private equity teams, with more than 170 investment professionals across four continents.

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