Movelle, since its inception over thirty (30) years ago has remained a local company that provides services to agribusinesses and food processing companies in Ghana and beyond.

Through its partnerships with some of the world’s top industries, such as Marubeni Europe, Movelle has acquired extensive capabilities in sourcing and trading commodities with opportunities at national, regional and global levels for a wide range of marine and agricultural wares.

An interview with the Finance and Business Development Director of Movelle Company, Mr. Allan Osei-Assibey in Accra revealed that the company has demonstrated a deep understanding of the African market with strong links in Togo, Burkina Faso, Niger, Benin and Nigeria to name a few.

“Movelle has maintained a leading position in the agribusiness sector especially in frozen food products in Ghana and across West Africa for many years, and has provided strategic leadership and directions to hundreds of traders and brokers operating at Tema and Takoradi harbours”, he explained.

He assured stakeholders of Movelle’s commitment to serve and support the Ghanaian economy for the benefit of all.
“As we continue to keep abreast with the industrial developments and adapt our strategies according to the dynamics of the market, we will constantly look for opportunities to expand our scope of products and services. The company is looking at expanding its operations in logistics and storage to support the food security needs for the benefit of the company, Ghana and the sub-region”. He added.

Mr. Osei-Assibey also discussed the company’s plan to increase its current distribution capabilities, diversify it’s range of products and include an export focused range. This he said would of great benefit to the foreign exchange needs of the nation and should be supported the government. He said “It’s important for government to demonstrate willingness promote exports by putting in place clear policy guidelines to stimulate the industry.”
The company also has capabilities in risk assessment and management, port operations, specialist transport and warehousing, gained from successfully completing numerous international trade transactions.